Roof Warranties

Roof Warranties

Residential & Commercial Roof Warranty

The knowledgeable and highly skilled team at Five Points Roofing is proud to offer warranty work for our clients. We know that a roof is a major investment, requiring a lot of money. Roofs are supposed to last upwards of 40 years, right? What happens if something goes wrong with your roofing system? A warranty helps to ensure your problem is corrected without costing you a load of extra money.

We offer warranty service on an as needed basis, with all of our roof installations including manufacturer warranties.
Five Points Roofing also offers a 10-year workmanship warranty in addition to a 20-year NDL, or No Dollar Limit, manufacturer’s warranty on our commercial roofs.

The workman warranty covers wear and tear that falls under normal conditions for all roofs that have been installed by Five Points Roofing. As far as a NDL warranty goes, the benefit is that if a roofing company goes out of business, the roofing manufacturer will find another company that will perform warranty work so you are not out of options.

What do Roof Warranties Cover?

Warranties typically cover the following:

  • Material failure: Although rare, if the roofing material installed, you should be covered by material warranty, which entails replacement.

  • Incorrect installation: If a roofer installs part of a roof improperly, leading to leakage, you should be able to have it corrected under warranty.

  • High wind: Wind can vary between warranties, with some covering up to certain wind speeds. You may need to buy additional coverage for this service.

Do You Need a Roof Maintenance Plan with a Warranty?

If you fail to have your roof regularly cleaned, inspected and have minor repairs fixed, your warranty may be voided. An average warranty requires at least one roof inspection and any necessary maintenance repairs be made each year by a contractor who is authorized. Five Points Roofing is an authorized contractor that can take care of your annual roof inspection to ensure that you remain within your warranty terms.

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