Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular roofing option among today’s homeowners and business owners. Copper, stainless steel, corrugated galvanized steel (which is coated with zinc), and tin are used in many commercial roof applications. Specific coatings are used to deliver waterproofing to roofs, as well as UV and anti-rust protection.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

These systems offer many benefits. One of the most highly sought after benefits of metal roof systems is the longevity and durability that they offer. They are also lightweight, making installation quick as well as repair. Furthermore, these roofs are recyclable and environmentally friendly. They come in many different color choices and styles, making them a fantastic option aesthetically.

Restoring Metal Roofs

If you have an existing metal roof that needs to be restored, we have the solution for you at Five Points Roofing, Inc. Our roofs are made from the highest quality of materials and adhere to any metal surface so a seamless and watertight seal can be formed around flashings, protrusions and vents.

We at Five Points Roofing know that workmanship is just as integral to a good roofing system as the materials that are used. We strive to offer the highest investment return possible for each our customers, delivering the best quality metal roofing available. From inspection to installation and repairs, we strive to keep our customers happy while delivering the best quality customer service and workmanship out there.

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