Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Residential Roof Repairs & Maintenance Services

We understand how important roof maintenance is when it comes to extending your roofs life expectancy. We know that a roof is a big investment so repairing or replacing it requires a lot of consideration. We are here to help you along the way.

Our Services Include

  • Cracked Flashing Repair

  • Replacing Broken or Missing Shingles

  • Discolored Drywall or Ceiling Stain Restoration

  • Vent Pipe Repair and Replacement

  • Skylight Leak Repair


Whether disaster strikes or time has run its course, Five Points Roofing in Polk County, Florida is ready to respond. We offer emergency services and are on call 24/7 to quickly respond to roof repair emergencies.

What To Do If Your Roof is Leaking

  • Stop water damage by putting plastic covering over anything you can’t move that can be damaged by water leaks.
  • Contain the water with buckets beneath the roof leak to catch the water. If it splashes out, put an old towel or shirt at the bottom to absorb the splash.
  • Remove the water by thoroughly drying all furniture, carpet, woodwork and anything else that was exposed to the water.
  • Call your insurance agent and get the claims process started. (We are very familiar with this process and can help with this)
  • Hire a licensed and insured contractor. Ask them about their guarantees and life expectancy of the new roof and confirm that all the proper permitting is filed.
  • Prevent future leaks by keeping gutters and downspouts clean, keeping trees around your roof trimmed and checking your collars and flashing regularly.

Polk County’s Top Roof Repair Company

We at Five Points Roofing we understand that time is key when it comes to repairing roof damage. Nobody in Polk County FL reacts faster than us when your home’s exterior or your family’s safety is threatened.

  • Your home and your family are of utmost importance to us
  • We work hard to ensure that all immediate repairs are up to code
  • We document damage for insurance claims and restore your roof to its best condition possible

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