PVC Roofing and Maintenance

PVC Roofing and Maintenance

PVC roofing has shown an increased popularity among commercial and residential use. This growth is attributed primarily to an increased focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, cost and ease of installation. These systems tend to perform well. It’s been around for a long time but many people are becoming more privy to it as of late. Here is why.

PVC, which is often used in Europe for roofing, is lesser known in the United States. It is actually a roofing material that is made of two components, including chlorine and ethylene.

PVC roofing material is made of two layers of PVC as well as a polyester reinforcement scrim that is sandwiched in the middle. The top ply typically contains additives that enable the membrane to be resistant to UV rays. Furthermore, the top layer usually has plasticizers that make the sheet more flexible. The bottom layer is also made with plasticizers for flexibility.

Features and Benefits of PVC roofing material

  • It offers several benefits, including flexibility, which makes the installation process more seamless.
  • PV sheets can be made to look like standing seam roof systems, with a pre-manufactured rib that makes it aesthetically pleasing at a lower cost.
  • They feature weldable seams that are welded to the adjacent or adjoining sheet, which ensures a durable and water-tight seal. This is ideal.
  • This material is also fire resistant – and it is one of the only single pry membranes that can extinguish itself once a heat source is removed.
  • Another benefit is that it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The process of manufacturing these products uses natural gas and saltwater, rather than petroleum based manufacturing.
  • PVC roofing is durable. Many of these roofing systems have remained actively in place for over 45 years and come highly recommended for a long life.

Unlike many other roofing materials, PVC roofing options are a great option for your next residential or commercial roof. Reach out to us today to determine whether this solution is an ideal fit for you.

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