Mobile Home Roof Storm Damage – how to stop the leaking

Mobile Home Roof Storm Damage – how to stop the leaking

Due to their lightweight construction, mobile homes are particularly susceptible to roof damage when a storm hits. High winds, heavy rain, and flying debris can wreak havoc on these structures.

At Five Points Roofing, we specialize in assisting homeowners after a storm. From missing shingles to leaks and membrane tears, our team is equipped to provide expert inspections, repairs, and replacements to ensure your mobile home’s structural integrity and protection.

Understanding Storm Damage on Mobile Home Roofs

Roofs are susceptible to problems in Florida after severe weather, but many homeowners may not know what to expect. Here are some of the issues we’ve helped Florida property owners with:

Shingle Lifting: High winds during storms can cause shingles to lift, curl, or become detached from the decking, making it vulnerable to leaks.

Leaks: Heavy rainfall and intense storms are primary sources of leaks. Water can seep through compromised areas, leading to water damage inside the home.

Impacts: Hail or flying debris during storms can cause significant effects on the roofing system, including dents, punctures, or fractures in the roofing material, compromising the roof’s integrity.

Membrane Damage: Structures with membrane roofing, such as EPDM or TPO, can experience problems due to high winds or flying debris. Tears, punctures, or seam separation in the membrane can result in water infiltration and require prompt repair.

It’s crucial to have a professional inspection following a storm to assess any potential damage accurately. Prompt repairs or replacements can help maintain the roof’s structural integrity and prevent further issues.

Five Points Roofing: Mobile Home Roof Experts in Bartow FL

Don’t let severe weather leave your home vulnerable to leaks and deterioration. Trust the experienced professionals at Five Points Roofing to handle your post-storm roofing needs. We offer comprehensive inspections, detailed assessments, and prompt repairs or replacements to restore your mobile home’s roof to its optimal condition.

Contact us today for a thorough inspection, and let us protect your mobile home from storm damage.

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