How do you prepare a mobile home roof for coating?

How do you prepare a mobile home roof for coating?

Are you seeing water damage inside your mobile home? Don’t want the expense of a full reroofing? Consider flat roof coatings, advanced materials that create a durable, energy-efficient, waterproof layer.

Mobile Home Roof Coatings by Five Points Roofing: a great way to protect against Florida weather.

We have the latest materials for protecting your roof like silicone or rubber coatings. Contact us today to fix and prevent leaks with these products.

Are you upgrading your mobile home roofing with a coating? Great! Here’s how to prepare.

Preparing a mobile home roof for coating is essential in ensuring maximum protection. While roofers will apply it, there are some things homeowners can before they arrive.

● Cleaning: Start by cleaning the area thoroughly using a pressure washer or a stiff-bristled brush and a cleaning solution designed for your roofing material. This will remove any dirt or debris that may prevent the coating from adhering properly.

● Repairs: Before scheduling coating services, you should get repairs of any damage to ensure it is in good condition. While these products can fix minor holes, large-scale damage needs professional repairs.

In Florida, Five Points Roofing is the trusted roofer for manufactured homes, mobile homes, and RVs. This isn’t just because of our expertise but also because we have the latest flat roof coatings that can repair and protect your roofing for years. Our experienced roofers will apply the silicone roof sealant or membrane according to the manufacturer’s directions. They may use a primer to help the coating adhere properly and will provide additional protection.

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