Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing, or modified polymer-modified bitumen, remains a popular option for roofing when a low slope is present. These products are mop-applied, torch-applied or applied with solvent-based adhesives.

Modified bitumen sheets are comprised of polyester and/or glass reinforcements, which are filled, coated or saturated with the finest of materials. Sand, talc, or mica are present in these products. Many of the coated sheets have been factory coated on either one or both sides. These sheets offer many different weights and reinforcements.

The basic components of a modified bitumen roofing system include:

  • Modified Base Sheet/Piv: A modified or unmodified ply sheet or base under a modified bitumen top ply
  • The R Value: The insulation makes up the “R” value as well as stable substrate for any roof system
  • Adhesives: Waterproofing and bonding materials and agents that are applied hot or cold.
  • Modified Bitumen Membranes: Sheets that are factory fabricated and are made up of a copolymer that is traditionally reinforced with polyester fiberglass.
  • Surfacing: Offers a level of UV protection in addition to a weathering surface that is field or factory applied.

Benefits of an MBR System

These roofing systems offer the thickest of all of the single ply class roofing materials available on the market. They are the most resistant to weathering and most puncture resistant. They also resist aging the most. BUT roofing systems are also able to deliver a wide range of service temperatures.

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