Coal Tar Pitch Roofing

Coal Tar Pitch Roofing

Coal Tar Roofing, or “tar and gravel” roofing, remains one of the most cost effective and durable roofing systems in today’s roofing industry.
The “pitch” in coal tar pitch roofing refers to the black substance that results from the distillation of the coal tar. This form of roofing falls under the category of roofing systems commonly referred to as built up roof membranes (BUR).

Coal tar pitch roofing is more durable than the majority of other roofing materials, including EPDM, TPO and asphalt, due to its molecular structure, which offers a natural resistance to the elements, including insect damage, UV exposure, water and more.

This style also has a healing property that enables it to self-level, making it ideal for roof slopes that are considered to be flat or dead-level.

Coal tar roofing offers several benefits, including:

  • Money-saving: It delivers superior durability and long-term savings, due to fewer maintenance fees.
  • Exceptional durability: It is resistant to many outside factors, including UV rays, chemicals, tears, cracking, water immersion, foot traffic, impact, temperature fluctuations, harsh weather elements and more.
  • Low maintenance: It comes with self-healing properties that help with cracks that develop from temperature changes. These properties help the surface to soften and reseal, minimizing the need for repairs.

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