5 Roof Repair Tips

5 Roof Repair Tips

In Lakeland FL, Five Points Roofing is the local roofing company that not only had decades of experience with roof repair but also the integrity and dedication to local homeowners to make any roof repair project hassle free.

5 Roof Repair Tips

  1. Make Timely Roof Repairs

    The key to preventing an expensive roof replacement is to repair minor roof damage while it’s still minor. Shifted or missing shingles can be replaced, but if they’re not, they can turn into leaks that damage roof decking and interior walls.

  2. Prevent Roof Damage Before It Starts

    The main way to avoid super expensive roof repairs is to keep your roof system working properly with preventative maintenance. This includes trimming tree branches to keep them away from your roof.

  3. Keep Gutters Clean

    Your gutters contribute to the health of your roof system, so it’s vital to keep them free of debris so water doesn’t back up and damage the roof materials.

  4. Have Proper Attic Insulation

    In addition to keeping your home interior cool or warm, attic insulation can reduce the wear and tear on your roof by preventing moisture build up under your roof.

  5. Get Regular Roof Inspections From Your Trusted Local Roofer

    To repair minor roof damage, you have to know where it is. That’s why you should get a professional roof inspection at least once a year to spot roof conditions where damage can develop.

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